About Us

We are a small consulting company that provides services in the area of software development.

We maintain exposure to a wide array of technologies and have done development in environments spanning from Wintel to RTOSes. We focus on the those parts of the system that typically are invisible to the end-user: embedded real-time software, device drivers, frameworks for complex host based distributed systems.

We are a part of a small network of "experts for hire" and can staff a project with specialists in areas covering embedded software, host based distributed applications, database, security, web server development, graphics design, and even marketing.

We are capable of covering "a lot of ground" with minimal overhead and personal attention to the customer's needs.

How reliable are we?

We have been in business since 1997 and have delivered working products to various clients. In that same time we have seen companies announce products, go public, and disappear. We are still in business.